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How long will the divorce process take?
There is substantial variation in the duration of a divorce in Massachusetts, from under six months to over one year. A divorce processed as a joint petition will take 120 days from the approval of an agreement to the entry of a judgment absolute, at which time the parties may remarry. The complexity of the discovery process and the level of cooperation of the parties are the two most important factors that determine how long a divorce will take.

How do Massachusetts courts determine child support?
The income of the payor, the number of children to be supported, the age of the oldest child, and the income of the recipient are the factors considered in the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines. The most important of those factors is the income of the payor. Please click here for a sample Guidelines Worksheet.

What’s the difference between child support and alimony?
The most important difference is the taxation. Alimony is ordinarily taxed as income income to the recipient, and the amount paid is deductible from the gross income of the payor. Child support is never taxable to the recipient. Sound planning requires a consideration of tax consequences, so that the family retains as much of its resources as possible.

What is a Parent Education Program?
Massachusetts requires parents with minor children who are involved in a divorce to enroll in a course designed to educate them to help their children through the process. A certificate of completion is required within sixty days of the filing of a Complaint or service of the Summons. These programs are typically held weekday evenings and can be found in most communities. Our clients have reported that this program has been worthwhile. There is a charge of $65 for the course. Please click here for a link to more information on these education programs.

How much does a divorce cost?
In Massachusetts, domestic relations matters cannot be billed on any contingency basis, and most family law specialists charge hourly rates for all services. As every case is unique, it is difficult to estimate in advance what the total cost will be. At your initial consultation, a Retainer will be set, an initial payments toward future services and costs, which is not a minimum or maximum fee but is determined by an estimate of what the minimum cost might be. Our protocol is to delegate a project to a member of the team who can do the work efficiently at reasonable cost.

What sets Margaret S. Travers, P.C. apart from other Boston area law firms?
Our team is experienced enough to handle complex matters and small enough for the attorneys and assistants to work together efficiently. We consider the client to be an integral member of the team. Margaret S. Travers is a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and has been nationally known throughout her career of over 30 years. We are committed to finding a satisfactory settlement of issues, but we are also prepared to litigate a case where unusual circumstances require a trial.

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